What is The True Colors Personality Test

What Is True Colors?

The True Colors Personality Test is an online personality assessment or inventory designed to can help you understand your personality style or behavioral type, as well as those of others in order to improve relationships, communication and self-awareness. The True Colors Personality Test provides understandable feedback into the behavioral and personality types. It is also used in career coaching, educational environments, corporate settings, team effectiveness, sales, management/leadership enhancement and the not for profit sector.

The True Colors Personality Test can provide greater insight as to how others see you with out getting lost in jargon or unnecessary complexity. When the online True Colors Personality Test completed you will get instant results and can see your 20+ page True Colors report describing your behavioral tendencies and preferences. You will also get powerful and effective tools for helping you succeed and understand people who have different behavioral and communication styles in business, sales, school, career, family and life.

Learn whether you are Blue - Compassionate or Gold - Responsible or Orange - Spontaneous or Green - Conceptual. Which is your strongest color and your secondary color? Understand your personality and behavioral style with True Colors and get insight into career, communication and relationship preferences through the online True Colors Assessments and the many books exploring the True Colors personally model.

The true colors personality test is research based and fun to take online. The online assessment version is designed to access both your right and left brain in helping to determine your True Colors Personality Type. True Colors is used by throughout the world in the areas of business, education, healthcare, criminal justice, career counseling, mental health and within communities and religious organizations.

When you finish taking the True Colors Inventory Test you will receive you login to your password protected True Colors Assessment Test Page with the following features:

What makes the True Colors Different?

True Colors Personality Test has been taken by hundreds of thousands of people who have discovered their True Colors personality style through True Colors online assessments, interactive card sorts, training sessions, seminars, and paper version assessments.

The True Colors model has been around for over 30 years. While maintaining the same basis model the delivery of True Colors has improved and been revising over time.

It is easy to understand. A majority of people think visually and after learning this model, it is easy to quickly see a person's colors without needing to remember names, formulas, or letters. Many participants report that True Colors assessment is the a user-friendly model.

The True Colors Survey appeals to different learning and testing personality styles. Other models appeal to only one or two of the ways the we learn and take in information. Our on-line version accesses both the right and left brain by using several methods of accessing ones personality type.

True Colors Assessment is designed to reveal broad aspects of your personality spectrum, which makes you uniquely you, according to your assessment responses, not just a general description of your dominant style.

This assessment model is not about labels or diagnoses. This is because everyone possesses a Color Spectrum, from brightest to palest. This makes it easier to understand oneself and others

True Colors is a positively phrased assessment. The True Colors Personality Survey focuses on Strengths, Values, and Needs . Instead of describing weaknesses of the styles, it provides practical suggestions.

The True Colors Test is easy to remember and integrate into all aspects of your life! Because True Colors is so user-friendly it can be easily used with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the community and others! From teenagers to grandparents, school districts to International Organizations, from your own personal growth to helping others, True Colors is a universally adaptable model that can be used to enhances relationships, communication and problem-solving.

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